Sawbench crafting

Crafting was introduced in the alpha .42 update! It enables you to craft objects such as a Sawbench! The description that Aaron has given to crafting is this:

Anyway -- this version also has some less rudimentary crafting code in place (RECIPE.TXT file in various objects) -- basically, it's a list of 10 other objects that can be combined to create the object in question... Sorta like this...


[3][4 and 5][6]


-- That probably doesn't make sense (and there are some kinks to work out with it) -- but that's the basics of it.

Basically, imagine an invisible grid in your inventory (3x3) This is the crafting grid, although, there can be 2 items in the middle. To seperate individual items from a stack, right click while dragging them. This is an example of crafting a sawbench, although the iron saw is not in the middle, as if it was, the sawbench would be instantly crafted.
Sawbench crafting

Crafting seems likely to change in future versions. To add a recipe to craft an object, follow this tutorial:

For this, I will assume that you are adding a recipe to a flame, so it can be crafted out of planks:

1. Find the lords of ubderdark folder. Open the object folder, and then the flame folder.

2. Add the file "RECIPE.txt" in the flame folder.

3. Add the text "LOG LOG LOG LOG NULL NULL LOG LOG LOG LOG" This will mean that you will be able to craft a flame out of a box - shape of logs!

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