How to PlayEdit

This page will teach you the basics of the game.

Interface V.42 UpdatedEdit


Lords of Uberdark HUD

This game is very similar to the FPS Style Marketed Games. Materials are shown on the screenshot to the right with specific Icons along with a counter to the right of the materials. The item system is very similar to many RPG Games.


These are the default keys for the game.

  • W,A,S,D - Movement
  • Space - Jump
  • Q - Swaps between mined materials
  • E - Swaps between different tools

Mouse ControlsEdit

The mouse can be inverted by going into the game settings in the SETUP.txt file.

  • Moving the mouse - Look around
  • Left-click - Swings/uses held item
Lords of Uberdark House Home Castle Fail with Building Tips WIN

Lords of Uberdark House Home Castle Fail with Building Tips WIN

Basic Building Tips


The rectangular prism in which you can build without moving. Built from the ledge on the right side of the screen.

Construction ModeEdit

While holding down the right mouse button (construction mode), using any of these buttons activates a different command.

  • Left-click - Places selected material
  • W, S - Push or pull construction sphere
  • A, D - Move left and right

Miscellaneous ControlsEdit

  • R - Respawn at Start Point
  • F8 (Hold) - Remove the cartoon lighting effect
  • Tab - Opens the inventory
  • Shift - Sprint
  • C - Cycle through day and night
  • C (Hold) - Speed up time
  • Shift+F7 - Import map

Many of the controls have been removed it seems to test other functions and performance of this test build.