If you want to modify your map (your last saved) you just need to read this small tutorial and follow the steps below.

The map (your last saved) is written down in the mapdump.txt file in the LoUd-directory. It tells you some capital letters like [O] or [W].

The easiest, first step to modify your map is to know what every letter stands for. Here's a short list:

Now, as you know which letter means what it means, you are able to modify the map. At the moment, there is no reason for doing this, but maybe it can be helpful in some future updates.

These letters show which "block" on the map (that has a x, y and z-axis, but it is just written in two dimensions) has which material. So if you just know where you are on the map in the mapdump.txt (or just wanna have fun) you can change the existing letter to the one you want to change it to.


[D][D][D][D][D][D][D][D][D][D][D][whatever in the last square bracket stands is not useful] -->

is a hill with just stone.

Then we change some Ds to Xs (cause we want those diamonds).

[D][D][D][D][D][X][X][X][X][X][D][..] -->

Now it is a hill with stone that hides tons of diamond.

'How to modify the map' video tutorial. (english)

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