Unconfirmed ContentEdit

This page exists to hold all of the content which we are aware of but don't really know much about. Anything that's part of the game which we don't have solid facts on from the creator or personal experience can go here. Rumors, theories, planned features and things shown only in the preview videos by the creator can all be posted and discussed in their respective sections on this page. If a section doesn't exist, make one using the example below.

Example SectionEdit

Please make a new section like this one to discuss a particular topic. For example, for NPCs, make a separate section. For Materials, make a separate section, etc. Do not remove this example section. Also, when making a new section, always post it below existing ones. I may re-arrange them as necessary to make things more convenient and organized. Finally, please sign your contributions here with ( ) containing your Signature, which can be added with four ~ signs in a row. It'll look like this: (Jace239 15:41, August 9, 2011 (UTC))






Rumor DiscussionEdit

You can discuss rumors you've heard in the comments. Don't clutter the page by editing this section or adding new ones just for those.