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  • TheDrummingFish

    Alpha 37 Released!

    October 10, 2011 by TheDrummingFish

    Alpha update 37 has just been released! Read more for all the details.

    "Hey again,

    Here's the changelog for Alpha 37 -- big changes this time around are the sound and music system, first round fluid simulation, and a much faster terrain generator (allowing for larger maps). Anyway, there will certainly be bugs in all this, so please use the forum for any glitches you notice -- especially sound/music since it's only been tested on a couple systems.

    Another big change is the way torches are done -- they're now part of the terrain, and that paves the way for new things in the future (try the g key -- only temped in, but looks like it'll be fun!)

    Oh yeah -- view distance should now be increased dramatically too -- still some issues, but overall t…

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  • TheDrummingFish

    News about the latest Alpha, 37, and its time to release have been released. In this also there are new concept drawings for you all to enjoy...

    "Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to say that the new alpha (37) will be out in a few hours -- want to put some more touches on it yet. In the meantime though, here are some new concept drawings for the Goblin that Adam and I did -- nothing's final yet, so if you have thoughts, feel free to share 'em.

    Also, Ian from Verbal Processing did up a new video for the 37 version..."


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  • TheDrummingFish

    Yesterday 'SabotageTheFool' uploaded a video to YouTube which gave a sneak peek into the, soon to be released, Alpha 37. It reveals such things as the ability to gather wood from trees using the axe and working water.

    Watch it here

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  • TheDrummingFish

    Music! Art!

    October 4, 2011 by TheDrummingFish

    Another update on the progress of the music and artwork including another addition to the Lords of Uberdark Team...

    "We now officially have music! Brennan Anderson ( has agreed to compose an original score for Lords of Uberdark -- and the first track (Overlands Day) is ready for action! Give it a listen (audio player is below)... The in-game music system is also underway, and should allow us to smoothly transition from one theme to another depending on the circumstances... So when you go underground, it'll slowly switch over to the underground theme. Same thing when Night falls -- that's the idea anyway.

    In other news, Adam Laurie ( has also joined our art team, recently finishing some fantastic new …

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  • TheDrummingFish

    New Concept Art...

    September 30, 2011 by TheDrummingFish

    Another update appeared on the project's Kickstarter page , this one giving a sneak peek at some more dorf concept art.

    "Hello, hello, hello!

    Just wanted to share some new Dorf concept art, and to say that the game music & sound are well under way. Will post a link to one of the compositions soon, if you'd like a little preview..."

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