The next Alpha has now been released on the project's Kickstarter page as well as some info and a change log.

Hi Everybody,

It's been a good three weeks, and we've made some progress on the game -- so here's a new Alpha version for you to check out. The major addition this time around is the ability to load, render and animate the model files.

The mouse bug should also be resolved... Hopefully. Let me know if you still have trouble with it... Anyway, here's the full change log...

[-] Working on fluid dynamics (removed ocean level dig limit)

[*] Added ponds to map generation

[*] Added basic dorf model

[*] Added firepot model

[*] Added model loading, rendering and animation

[*] Added new textures for ore nuggets

[*] Added copper ore material type

[*] Added tin ore material type

[*] Added key to jump (Space)

[*] Added key to lock view at 45' angles (Shift)

[*] Added key to place firepots (F)

[*] Added key to cycle day/night (C)

[*] Added key to export map (F7)

[*] Added key to import map (Shift-F7)

[*] Changed terrain rendering to improve speed

[*] Changed mouse cursor to show when in tab menu

[*] Changed escape key to only exit game when in tab menu

[*] Changed texture loading to handle errors better

[*] Fixed problem with mouse input sometimes not working

The fluid dynamics system is still a work in progress, and you'll notice that digging below the water surface doesn't cause water to fill back in. That's because it's completely disabled right now -- the code is in there though, and almost ready to go. Also decided to put in Copper and Tin ore, and dress up the other material types. Eventually want to make it so Copper and Tin picks can only dig through dirt -- to dig through stone you'll have to alloy the two to make a Bronze pick. Then something similar when it comes to mining deeper ores like Mithril.


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