Alpha update 37 has just been released! Read more for all the details.

"Hey again,

Here's the changelog for Alpha 37 -- big changes this time around are the sound and music system, first round fluid simulation, and a much faster terrain generator (allowing for larger maps). Anyway, there will certainly be bugs in all this, so please use the forum for any glitches you notice -- especially sound/music since it's only been tested on a couple systems.

Another big change is the way torches are done -- they're now part of the terrain, and that paves the way for new things in the future (try the g key -- only temped in, but looks like it'll be fun!)

Oh yeah -- view distance should now be increased dramatically too -- still some issues, but overall think it's an improvement

Changes from version 0.36...

  • Added sun and moon
  • Added automatic zombi spawn
  • Added automatic day/night cycle
  • Added code to crossfade music
  • Added system for modelized material types (torch/spike)
  • Added spike model
  • Added torch model / removed firepot
  • Added grimstone material type
  • Added crystal rock material type (undiggable)
  • Added music system
  • Added ogg vorbis support
  • Added rudimentary sound system
  • Added directory structure
  • Added Windows icon
  • Added roots material type
  • Added first-round fluid simulation
  • Added inverse mouse option
  • Added swimming and submersion
  • Changed lighting system to handle lights more efficiently
  • Changed random terrain generator to handle larger maps
  • Changed trees to be choppable
  • Changed fluid rendering system again (shore)
  • Changed fluid rendering system again (depth)
  • Changed pick so it damages zombies
  • Improved improvement to improve distance =P
  • Changed terrain rendering to improve distance
  • Changed material hardness system
  • Fixed bug with material collection
  • Fixed zombi attack bug
  • Fixed problem with TGA files not respecting origin"

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