Another update on the progress of the music and artwork including another addition to the Lords of Uberdark Team...

"We now officially have music! Brennan Anderson ( has agreed to compose an original score for Lords of Uberdark -- and the first track (Overlands Day) is ready for action! Give it a listen (audio player is below)... The in-game music system is also underway, and should allow us to smoothly transition from one theme to another depending on the circumstances... So when you go underground, it'll slowly switch over to the underground theme. Same thing when Night falls -- that's the idea anyway.

In other news, Adam Laurie ( has also joined our art team, recently finishing some fantastic new concept art (only a smidgin of which is shown below) -- and Cody is still working on some other secret projects. Anyway, hope this will tide you over until the next alpha version is ready (which will include working-ish water )...

Also, if you're logged into Facebook, please click the Like button so Adam and Brennan know you like their work!

PS -- If you're just coming here for the first time and wondering how to try the alpha version, please check out the website"


Concept art by Adam Laurie

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